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New Features for Online Attendance Roster System

The OAR system has the functionality to simplify tasks for faculty including recording attendance, replacing the 10% roster, and reducing paper waste. This session will demonstrate the following new features (implemented for Spring 2011 and beyond):

The below applies ONLY to Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) courses.


Tutorial Links: (Links open in a new window - TURN OFF POP-UP BLOCKERS)

  1. Logging into WebAdvisor
  2. Setting Up "My Preferences"
  3. Accessing "My Reports" and Printing Rosters
  4. Emailing the Entire Class and Student Hyperlink Features

    Note: Instructors may require their students to use their CPCC email accounts for ease in communication. If a student chooses to use his personal email address, he can forward his email from his CPCC email account to a personal email account.

  5. Recording Online Attendance for Traditional (TR) Classes
  6. Recording Online Attendance for Online (IN) classes
  7. Recording Online Attendance for Hybrid (HY) classes
  8. Recording a Student Who Never Attended Class
  9. Documenting a Cancelled Class Meeting
  10. Posting Grades Online

Last Updated: December 09, 2011